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Lost Car

  “Here.” Dad handed his son an antique toy car that had been passed down the years. ”If you have any pass this down to them.” He told his son softly.



  Years passed and John (the one with the antique toy car) got married and had two wonderful children, Anna and Jack.



  Pitter, patter. The rain lashed against the window. It had been like this for weeks on end. The floor boards began to creek and the roof began to rot. John was fed up. ”I want to move” he suggested to his family. Weeks of discussion passed and the family finally decided to move.


  Wendy, John’s wife was clearing the attic. The dust whirled up into the roof top. ”What’s this?” Wendy asked John.


“What does it look like?” He replied.

“A car.” she said.

  You see, John put the car in the attic because he thought his kids were to young to have the antique car so he put it in the attic.


Bella and Jack were listening to the car conversation.

“Please can we have the car now” they both bellowed.


“Oh okay” he said generously


 Minutes later….. SMASH!!!! There was a big heap of little car parts!


  One week later they had moved into a brand new house with no more creaky floor boards or rotten roofs. They had been bought new house decorations. One of them was a very old bear from grandad. “Pass it on down the years” said Grandad.




The old family book

The heat is scorching hot, warming the whole house up. Mum and dad were fighting over an old family book which has been passed down the family for centres.” We can sell it and be rich because it so old” shouted dad “No we will keep it going to see what life was about in are days” bellowed mum. Then mum and dad just noticed that the book is in pieces of pages on the floor. Mum picked it up in anger so dad backed away up stairs. Then she ran away in to the basement was she opened he her old suit case and put the book in side and locked it with a word code.

When she came out she walk out the front door and went into the shed” what is she doing” asked Sam “don’t know” said dad in a scared voice. She came back in side walked into the basement. She put a cloth over the suitcase and drilled a screw on the cloth and drilled it to the floor.



2 years later mum died and Sam had to live with his work less dad. Dad wanted to know where the book was he even ripped the floor off but he did not check the basement.


The next day Sam’s friend Jake came round they were play how can catch the bouncy ball and did not catch it and it rolled under the basement door. Sam opened the basement door it creaked like a 100 year old door. Sam walked down the steps. There was all kind of junk in the basement then Sam noticed a suitcase drilled in the floor. It was temped to see what was in there. On the side there was a pair of scissors on the side so Sam picked them up and cut a big hole the size of the suit case. Sam lifted the suitcase out of the cloth it was light but there was some thing bashing in the suitcase but it was locked with a word code. That looks like mums suitcase and the only code mum uses is best son so he put it in and it worked! There laying in the suitcase in pieces was the old family book. So that’s where mum was hiding the book. But he had to keep it a secret because dad has never coped with flash back so Sam didn’t risk it.


Sam sneaked out the basement door and run out the front door. He got his bike out of

the tatty shed and he rode straight though the field in to cemetery where mum was burred. Sam dug a small hole and buried the book next to mum so dad can’t sell it but mum can keep it. So Sam rode home and strolled thorough the front door into the living room and hugged dad “lets forget about book for money we don’t need money we just need each other”



By c.p


Happily, Skye strolled into her kitchen, where her mum smiled at her.

“How was school?” She asked as Skye put her coat and bag into the cupboard.

“Good, I have a project due in  next week, we have to find out about a relative.”

Skye slipped on her slippers and looked at her mum. She had curly brown hair, cheeks that creased when she smiled and twinkly blue eyes, she looked like her mum.

“Why not look in the attic?” Her mum suggested.

“Might as well.”

                Wobbling dangerously on a ladder, Skye climbed up and into the attic.

She looked round for a light switch.

Aha! Skye thought as she pulled a string and light flooded the room.

Skye scanned the boxes that covered the floor, until she saw a chest that was open.

Skye crawled over and sneezed with all the dust.

She rummaged through the chest until she found a journal marked, ‘Abe Frobishures Private Journal.’

Skye grabbed it and opened the book revealing a scruffy torn page.

‘I have hidden this book in the hope nobody will find my secrets, as they are deeply private and could ruin me.’

                Shivering, Skye curled up on her bed, she was reading more of the journal, but it wasn’t interesting. She flicked through, briefly reading a sentence or two.

“Oh my goodness!” She gasped as she saw an interesting entry.

‘I have to catch a plane to Italy for the Olympics, luckily, they didn’t discover the drugs in my pocket.’

Skye dropped the book as her jaw flew open. She hadn’t expected that… It shocked her.

        As Skye jogged home from school a few days later, she realised that if she was going to write about Abe Frobishure, (her great, great granddad!) She needed to either cut out the drug part or find something good about him.

She sat on a nearby bench and pulled out the journal looking for anything great.

She thumbed through the pages. Nothing.

                Mum, I’m stopping at the library. Skye texted as she crossed the road to ‘Amber Street Library.’

Skye walked up to the counter and asked for a book about Abe Frobishure, crossing her fingers behind her back.

She thanked the lady, and sprinted hom ewith her book.

                Skye was hooked. She pushed a chocolate strawberry into her mouth and flipped the page.

‘After winning gold, Abe Frobishure was caught taking drugs. HE was sentanced to two years in prison, but after only a week he escaped. Frobishure changed his name to Bob O’Brian, and met the famous cook, Amy Berry who her married, and 5 years later died in a snowstorm.’

Skye blinked. “How could I be related to someone so evil?” She mumbled.

Later that evening, Skye woke up sweating.

“It was all a dream.” She grinned and groaned as she saw the library book next to her.

                “Mum? Who’s Abe Frobishure?” She asked after her eventful night.

“You’re great, great step grandfather!” Skye’s mum replied as she chopped a sandwich.

“Awesome!” Skye breathed, she wasn’t fully related to Abe! She grinned and wrapped her mum in a huge hug!


The Missing Doll

Ivy and Isabella [twins] were arguing over the family doll. [The doll was 150 years old and wore rags of paper around her waist.] “Its mine” they screeched.  Suddenly they heard rip and it was from coming from the doll, the doll tore into pieces!

They hid it in the old, crooked trunk in the attic. No one found it.


As the years passed and the girls grew they got more and more tempted to tell there parents what damage they had done to the doll, but they didn’t. They were too anxious to tell any one!


Generously Ivy and Isabella’s mum was clearing out the attic and she found the lost, broken doll at the bottom of the trunk! “Great lord” she gasped. “I was going to give this to the new baby” she gasped again.


Tragically there mum died having the baby and got really anxious, so they owned up to there dad. “We did it we broke the doll and we are so, so sorry please can you forgive us” they sobbed.” “We should of owned much earlier” they sobbed again. “You don’t have to forgive me” he replied softly.


Years later, they were still depressed but mysteriously Primrose [child] looked the same as Ivy, there mum! How could this be? Why do you think this happened? Find out more in the next book!

Short Stories- The Cup

The family was given a very delicately decorated cup, because it was a family tradition. It was passed down the family.


Lashing against the window was the terrible rain and hailstones.

“It’s a horrible day! Isn’t it?” Mum moaned.

“Let’s turn on the telly” Dad suggested.

“Ok” Everyone cheered.


After a while the baby Ivy shuffled off into the kitchen, but mum and dad didn’t notice. Ivy (the baby) climbed up on to the cupboard and grabbed the old cup which was passed down the family for 10 whole years. She crawled out of the brightly coloured kitchen and started to pull her self up the giant mountain of stair’s to play with the cup.


Later that day when it was time for dinner and Ivy was securely fastened in her high chair. Mum decided to make her self a cup of tea.

However when she couldn’t find the priceless heirloom, she panicked.

“Mick, Michel. I can’t find the special cup! Have you seen or had it?” She questioned him.

“NO” Mick said confused.

Mum and dad started to look for the cup. They couldn’t find it anywhere.


Climbing up the stair’s was hard work but Ivy didn’t give up.

“Yay” Ivy giggled when she managed to reach the very top of the stairs. Baby Ivy was searching for the cup, everywhere.


Simultaneously, Mum and Dad were still rushing around and worrying about the about the cup.


Two hours after looking Ivy was getting very tired, so she fell asleep. Mum went into Ivy’s room. She found Ivy and the missing cup lying right next to her. When Ivy was put into her cot Mum was crying with happiness and Dad wondered why.

“I found the cup, Mick! I found the cup.” Mum exclaimed. So they both made a cup of tea and had a lovely biscuit.

Well Done my love, Well Done!.” Dad said and they both had a big, big hug.